Rob Burch

Rob Burch

It doesn’t matter if you ride on the road or on the race track your suspension plays the same role in your safety. Categorically, it’s the fundamental link where the rubber meets the road and defines the performance bike from an average bike.

A few years ago when I started racing, I bought the basic fork, upgraded springs and valves for my ‘03 600RR from GP Suspension. I learned the hard way about the factory suspensions lack of performance on the race track and tucked the front wheel at speed. The net result of the GP fork was amazing, it transformed the bike.

Dave Hodges, owner of GP Suspension told me, “You will be back in two weeks for a shock.” He was almost right. Nine days later, I ordered a shock. Fast forward to after I installed it, the rebound damping returned slow, I backed out one click. Two days later at PIR, I stopped by the GP Pit for Dave’s suspension evaluation. He bounced the bike and turned one click of rebound back in and nothing more. That is how well GP understands suspension performance.

From the individual parts GP designs, refines, and manufactures to the net performance results of Touring, Sport Touring or AMA Roadracing shocks and forks GP is the best.

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