Posted 06 April 2017 - 12:29 PM

At 36k mi. "Madison Ivy", my 2013 Gen III has been long in the tooth for a suspension upgrade. As a 37 year old rider with 250,000+ miles and 14 years of saddle time, I have worn out a handful of dual-sport and liter bike suspensions. After some investigation, I discovered that GP Suspension is a favorite among FJR riders, so I figured I would give them a try.

Recently I took advantage of the 15% discount offered by GP to FJR Forum Members in order to to upgrade the rear shock and forks on Madison Ivy. Working with Brisa, via email and on the phone, she worked with and took great care to ensure my rear shock was set up correctly for my riding style, and managed my numerous mod's and changes in my rear shock order. I took delivery of the rear shock and installed it myself. However, in order to have the best utility, I chose to ride down to Oxnard, Calif and visit GP in person for the forks.

I finally scheduled the ride-in service and made the trek down to their new location in SoCal. Upon first arrival I was greeted by the informed, professional, knowledgeable and lovely Brisa White who was ready to receive Madison for her appointment. Work on the forks began immediately, just minutes after my arrival, while I was literally still in my riding gear. Soon I was introduced to Dave and "Fuzzy" who are the masters in the shop. I was then escorted to one of the most organized, clean and professional motorbike shops I have ever been in. It was an immaculate collection of shop grounds, quality fabrication machinery and buzzing tooling equipment and tuning hardware, showing me these veteran suspension technicians take their profession seriously.

Dave provided hands on support to both lead and assist fuzzy in getting the forks fully serviced. As much as fabricating necessary parts to make the fork guts function properly. Lastly, during my time in the shop, I had brought up a noted issue of less than ideal performance with the rear shock. After a little investigation, Dave determined I needed to downgrade my spring (from a 1,000lb to a 900), as well as making a few minor tweeks. I was at the shop for a couple of hours, but the whole time Dave, Fuzzy and Brisa took great care of me. Finally, I was sent on my way to continue the rest of my 2,400 mile journey through the American South West with my bike loaded up with all my camping gear and supplies. During that trip I took a wrong turn while in Arizona and ended up for two hours on a 60 mile rocky, rutted, bumpy "county maintained" road, more suitable for a dual-sport or BMW GS. LUCKILY, my new FJR suspension was expertly set up, and I was easily able to manage these road conditions with little effort, and with as much comfort as to be expected for a super-sport touring bike could be on a road more suitable for an ATV. Madison gracefully leaped and pranced over pot-holes and drainage ruts like a fairy in a garden, while I chuckled and laughed, thinking to myself how my back and bottom would be jolted and slammed had I been running the stock suspension. At speed on the asphalt, the bike is firmly yet comfortably planted, and in the twisties (even loaded with gear) the suspension gives me the confidence to increase my speed and lean angle thus improving my riding experience in a safe and inspiring manner. Truly a splendid thing.

Because of my experience with multiple vendors and professional services in my line of work, I have had many years of poor to substandard customer service from a variety of entities. HOWEVER, GP Suspension in Oxnard, California falls WELL outside of that standard, and FAR FAR FAR exceeded my expectations in ALL REGARDS. Communication, keeping track of my order, and general customer service from Brisa was OUT-FREGGIN'-STANDING, and MOST PROFESSIONAL. Dave and Fuzzy provided sound expertise, parts, and service WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND anything I had expected. Far beyond. It was like I was Dave and Fuzzy's brother, and they were hooking me up with the best service possible to ensure I was one happy guy. And I certainly am.

I would have ZERO qualms about recommending GP Suspension in Oxnard to anyone who needs sport, touring, super-sport touring suspension needs. If you have a cruiser, they can most certainly hook you up as well. Like any mail in service, sure, you can have your shocks and forks serviced and mailed back to you, but I cannot highly recommend enough that you make the trek to the shop IN PERSON and have them pamper your ride.

From this experience alone, I will be a lifelong GP Suspension. Dave, Fuzzy and Brisa are true assets and know how to take care of their customers.

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