Dru Martin

Dru Martin

When I started racing, I never knew the value of a bike that had fully-dialed suspension. I did what I could with the money I had, not knowing that I the single most important thing I could invest in after the bike, the right protective gear and quality tires was re-worked suspension. I didn't have perspective on how valuable new suspension would be to me, so it was hard to justify. Talking to Dave, it was easy to understand what kind of upgrade and changes made sense for me and my bike. I could feel the front end like never before, and the back stays with me through the transitions. I'm faster, and having way more fun than I ever had before. Now that my wife rides at the track too, we've gotten her bike set up, and it's made a world of difference in her confidence in the bike and her own abilities. And with Dave giving us support so often, it makes it easy to stay on top of changing track and bike set ups. Now we're always ready to have a fantastic day at the track.

Dru Martin

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