Adjusting your 25mm Cartridge Kit

How to adjust your GP Suspension 25mm Cartridge kit

Adjustments can be broken down in the following way:

Preload: This is the spring adjustment for your kit, by turning the 14mm dial on your fork cap clockwise you are adding preload to the springs in your forks. This is going to result in a more supported ride. Preload is counted in full rotations. To set your preload you will back the 14mm all the way out(counterclockwise) and count rotations as you spin the 14mm nut in(clockwise).

Six turns of preload is a good place to baseline your suspension.

Your kit will have come with a travel indicator and you can use this to measure how much travel you are using. Keep in mind that the casting is not typically the bottom of your travel. Feel free to call us and we will let you know how far above the casting your model bottoms out at. Measuring how much travel you are using is a good way to fine tune your preload.

Compression & Rebound: These are the hydraulic adjustments for your bike. They will be the 3mm brass allen adjusters found in the middle of your preload adjusters and/or at the bottom of your fork leg. They control the hydraulic bleeds for the up and down damping on your bike. The compression adjustment will adjust the rate at which the fork is able to compress when the front is loaded. The rebound adjustment will adjust the rate at which the fork is able to extend back as the front end is unloaded. The more you close the rebound and compression off by clicking the adjusters in (clockwise) the slower your fork will compress and rebound. The more you open the bleeds up by clicking the adjusters out (counterclockwise) The faster your bike will compress and rebound. Rebound and compression adjustments are counted in clicks. To set your rebound or compression click your adjusters fully closed (All the way clockwise), and then count clicks as you turn them out (counterclockwise).
14 clicks on your rebound and compression is a good place to baseline your suspension.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Our aim is to give you the feel that puts a smile on your face.

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